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Henri "Doc" Calitri
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Dennie Ortiz, x213

AT ShowPlace–Las Vegas
Tow Industry Week offers five conferences, AT's legendary hospitality, special events and the American Towman ShowPlace, featuring the industry's top suppliers. This year all activities and the show will be inside one of Las Vegas' most unique exposition facilities: South Point Hotel & Casino which boasts of its own exhibit Pavilion & Arena.

Co-sponsored by, towing's exclusive online weekly publication, and American Towman Magazine, the industry's leading monthly magazine, American Towman ShowPlace – Las Vegas will put you face to face with suppliers, educators, top trainers, and leading towing professionals from around the world.
2016 AT Showplace Exhibitors
Welcome Exhibitors!
One of the most exciting events in the towing and recovery industry will be taking place May 11-13, 2016 at the nation's number one destination city Las Vegas. American Towman magazine and its online news and information service, Tow Industry Week, will be conducting four days of seminars, conferences, special events and a two-day trade show, American Towman ShowPlace.
A show serving the U.S., Canada, and International with a focus on the Pacific Rim, American Towman ShowPlace – Las Vegas promises to be one of the most unique show and educational opportunities that a professional tow operator will ever experience.
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AT Open (Golf)

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Legendary Hospitality

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Automobile Club
Recovery Show

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Miller Ind.
Luxury Vehicle Education

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Allstate Roadside Services
Desert Smoke

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Auto Return
Centennial Celebration

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American Towman
National Automobile Club
Expo Info

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Beacon Software
Exide Tech
Spec. Veh. Funding
Show Bags

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Phoenix USA
Badge Inserts

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Aisle Signs

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Ford Commercial

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AT Open (Hole)

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GPS Pro/Xtreme
RP Recovery
AT Open (Hole)

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Avantage Funding
AW Direct
AT Open (Hole)

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B/A Products
Auto Data Direct
Nation Safe Driver

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The American Towman Cup
World-Class Wreckers Compete for the vaunted Towman Cup
Open Wednesday, May 11
- Friday, May 13
The towing industry’s most amazing wreckers from the West compete for the American Towman Cup.
Pageant contestants vie for the Cup in several weight classes.
Entry fee: $50 for light duty, medium duty, Vintage (pre 1990), service/support truck. $75 for HD Single Axle, HD Tandem, Rotator, Carrier. A towing company may enter one truck per class and up to four trucks.
Move in for your truck will be Wednesday, May 11, 8 am-4 pm, and Thursday, May 12, 8 am-noon in to the South Point Arena. Trucks remain until Friday, May 13, 8 pm.
Police Towing Conference - Scroll to view more

Forensic Towing • Wednesday, 3 pm
A former towing manager and San Diego, California police officer, discusses preserving evidence at towing, recovery, and investigation scenes. Learn how-to satisfy law enforcement requirements and expectations pertaining to evidence tows. Randy Resch, American Towman Magazine Operations Editor
Municipalities: The Art of the Contract • Thursday, 9 am
There’s the printed contract contract and the oral contract … and there’s the issue of third-party dispatch in various locales. Certain things have to be spelled out in contracts when doing municipal towing to have it work in your favor. John Borowski, AutoReturn
On-Scene Survival • Thursday, 10 am
A power point presentation specific to law enforcement towers serving the Department of Public Safety on their highways, designed to go hand-in-hand with the National Traffic Incident Management course now required of tow truck operators to enhance roadside safety. Randall Resch, American Towman
Motor Club Conference - Scroll to view more
Getting Paid by the Motorclubs

Individual clubs will present specifics on how to get paid. Each club will feature presentations by individual motor clubs as to what is required, time frames, proper invoicing procedures and other pertinent information regarding expediting payment to your company. Clubs presenting include:

Speaker Time
Nation Safe Drivers Wednesday, 1 pm
Pinnacle Roadside Assistance Wednesday, 2 pm
Road America Wednesday, 3 pm
FleetNet Wednesday, 4 pm
GEICO Thursday, 9 am
USAC/MD Thursday, 10 am

Diversification Conference - Scroll to view more

Diversifying Your Business • Thursday, 9 am
Learn from an expert who has experienced success in the towing industry to the point it has allowed him to successfully diversify his business into other ancillary areas related to towing. Gary Coe, Speed’s Towing

Money in Remediation • Thursday, 11 am
Towing businesses can create a revenue source in accident remediation. Learn what to consider related to safety on the scene and pricing/billing for services rendered in doing such work. Jim Figueira, Environmental Chemical Solutions

Towing and Recovery Conference

Servicing Lockouts • Wednesday, 1 pm
A seminar featuring a lockout tool show-and-tell session, emphasizing best practices, damage prevention and explain four lockout tool groups: straps, inside-the-door, under-the-glass and the long reach. Automobile Club of Southern California

Supplying a heavy-duty recovery support vehicle • Wednesday, 2 pm
Discussion centered around must-have important equipment related to stocking a support vehicle for heavy-duty recovery work. Terry Abejuela, American Towman

Changing Direction of Force with Snatch Blocks • Wednesday, 4 pm
Anchoring techniques and how line angles affect block loads will be the focus of this presentation related to changing the direction of the force using snatch blocks. Terry Abejuela, American Towman
Increase Bottom Line Through Reduced Damage Claims • Thursday, 10 am
Overcome common damages that can arise from the use of a car carrier/flatbed. Proper loading and unloading, diversity of securement options, problematic loading situations such as suspension issues and locked turned wheels, and much more. David Bouvia, WreckMaster

"Uber Towman" Conference - Scroll to view more

Improving Economics Through Tech Efficiency • Thursday, 10 am
An overview of the latest features and platforms for modern towing software applications for desktop, mobile phone and tablets. We will be focused on features found in many of the leading software products on the market today that will greatly improve the efficiencies. Todd Althouse, Beacon Software

Capturing the Cash Calls • Thursday, 11 am
What's the first thing a broken-down motorist at the side of the road is going to do? They are going to reach for their cell phone to search something like "I need a tow truck", then call the first person who can help them. This seminar will explain how to put YOUR towing business on the receiving end of that motorist's call. Owen Mihalyfi, Localis

The Effects of Telematics on Your Bottom Line • Friday, 9 am
Most people think of telematics for fleet tracking as just dots on a map, but telematics is so much more. Thinking three-dimensionally about all the ways telematics can impact your business is real benefit of fleet management systems. Shane McFarland, GPSPro & Frank Taddeo, Ahern/IT

How to Win at the Towing Game • Friday, 9 am
Position yourself as a super-company and a winner through developing an action plan, creating a profit and loss sheet, figuring out costs along a spectrum of tow jobs, and many other important concepts including rate structures. Mike Porter, Speed’s Towing

The "Grit": Re-igniting Yourself • Friday, 9 am
There is a shortage of “GRIT” in your company, your employees and even YOU! Grit shows up for you when you show up for it, but why is it that most of us never push ourselves to a level high enough to truly tap into it? Join Matt Manero for this compelling seminar that gives you strategies to reignite the “grit” within yourself, your employees and your company. Matt Manero, Commercial Fleet Financing

"Manual-ly" Growing Your Business • Friday, 10 am
A Policies and Procedural Manual creates a better working environment and can decrease damages, driver turn-over, improve communication and attitudes and ultimately attract more customers. Don Archer, American Towman

Seven Website Tips to Dominate your Local Market • Friday, 10 am
Join Jesse Lubar of OMG as he shares seven fundamental website tips to leverage Google, get more cash calls and invest less to get more online exposure through proven strategies. Participants will receive a free custom market overview and tactical plan. Jesse Lubar, OMG National

Tow Industry Week Conferences/Seminars
The Conference seminars cover a wide range of topics designed to introduce the tow business owner to new opportunities for generating revenue and new ways to efficiently manage a towing operation. Find out more about each Conference and seminar by clicking on a Conference title to the left.
WreckMaster Convention
The WreckMaster Convention is open to all WreckMasters

Interact with WreckMaster’s from all over the world during this intense business development conference. Presented with round table discussions WreckMaster lead instructors will moderate these working groups discussing various topics that effect your business.

Sessions will focus on three major topics effecting your business: Invoice training on applicable factors of a recovery invoice, including a template and an examination of line items;
Leveraging your WreckMaster certification while building industry relationships to establish an effective recovery network. Company In-house training initiatives. Learn about the minimum qualifications expected from various levels of operators and how to effectively promote training within your company.

Thursday, May 12

6pm Kickoff
Hospitality includes the Meat Carver followed by WreckMaster PowerTalk Introduction

Friday, May 13

Morning Sessions; Class 8-11 am WM Convention
8:00 – 9:00     Training content from WreckMaster
9:00 – 10:00    Break out session 1st
10:00 – 11:00   Rotate to 2nd session
12:00 – 12:30   Working Lunch

Afternoon Sessions; Class 8-11 am WM Convention
12:30 – 1:30    Rotate to final session
1:30 – 2:30     Moderator Presentation – 20 min each
2:30 – 3:30     WM Review Closing

WreckMaster Passport also good for all Conference Seminars Wednesday and Thursday, WreckMaster Conventioneers may attend all Tow Industry Week activities.

Fee: $195 thru advance registration, $350 on site – Save $155 & register now
Heavy-Duty Recovery: Conventional & Rotator
Receive 12 hours of training with WreckMaster instructors (open to all towers): 8 hours classroom, 4 hours hands-on with equipment in the South Point Arena.

Wednesday: 8 am - noon in classroom, 1-5 pm in the Arena
Thursday: 8 am - noon in classroom

Fee: $595 through advance registration, $695 when purchased on-site.

Open to all towers. Class size limited. Register now before class fills up.
Sponsored By:
Pie Extravaganza & Welcome Reception
Wednesday, May 11, 8pm - On the Concourse, inside the South Point Hotel & Casino

American Towman welcomes you to Tow Industry Week with a selection of delicious pies
and coffee, served near the Towman Monument on the Arena Concourse.
The Pie Extravaganza is immediately followed by a live recovery show in the Arena,
which is open to all.

The Legendary American Towman Hospitalities are complimentary to those
who register in advance.
Sponsored By:
The Centennial Celebration
Friday, May 13, 6 pm - On the Concourse inside the South Point Hotel & Casino

American Towman Celebrates 100 Years of Towing! (RibsFest & Entertainment, "100 Years" Commemorative Gift) alongside the Towman Monument. The American Towman Cup will be awarded to the Wrecker Pageant winners. ATTV covers the action on the concourse of the South Point Arena.
Sponsored By:
American Towman Open
Wednesday, May 11, 8 am - Revere Golf Club, Las Vegas

Tow Bosses and Industry Suppliers compete for AT Open Golf Tournament. Tee off at 8 am. Transportation will be provided to and from South Point Hotel & Casino
Fee: $125 per person.
Sponsored By:
Desert Smoke VIP Passport
Thursday, May 12, 9 pm - 11 pm
South Point Hotel Pool Gazebo

Enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow cigar aficionados in the big gazebo, poolside at South Point Hotel & Casino.

VIP Passport, includes one American Towman Signature Cigar, one premium drink courtesy of AutoReturn, and one premium cigar and a special gift courtesy of Savatech.

A $60 value: Your fee: $20
Sponsored By:
Bowling with Boomer
South Point Bowling Center

Bowl at your convenience and bring your scores to AT ShowPlace Registration.
Top score wins a Las Vegas Concert (to be announced) for two and Towman Dollars to be used at the AT Store.
Sponsored By:
Live Recovery Demonstration
Thursday, May 12, 5 pm - South Point Arena

Sponsored By:
Live Recovery Demonstration
Wednesday, May 11, 7 pm - South Point Arena

Sponsored By:
Live Recovery Demonstration
Friday, May 13, 11 am - South Point Arena

Mike Corbin & the Boys
Thursday, May 15, 9pm - South Point Casino Showroom

Featuring the Road Calls, I'll Return and other "Towman Ballads", Mike Corbin & the Boys headline the South Point Hotel & Casino, Thursday, May 15. This exclusive Las Vegas engagement will be held at the South Point Casino Showroom, recently headlined by Crystal Gayle. The band's music ranges in style from folk rock to country rock. Corbin & the Boys will be singing many of the songs on the newly released album, The Road Calls. So secure your tickets now while they last for an evening of original music and the unique talents of Mike Corbin & the Boys.

This is your chance to see Mike Corbin live as his music salutes dedicated towers worldwide. Tickets go for $20/head through advance-registration.
Sample songs from just released CD album:

I'll Return
The Road Calls
Mighty Malone
Sponsored By:
Allstate Roadside Services Luxury Vehicle Education
South Point Arena Concourse adjacent
to the South Point Hotel Pavilion

Allstate Roadside Services will be conducting Education classes on the towing methods for various makes and models of luxury and premium vehicles.

Participants will have the opportunity to see how to safely secure and tow a variety of luxury and premium vehicles during exposition hours.
Thursday, May 12
Time Vehicles
12:30 pm - 1:45 pm General Motors
2:00 pm - 3:15 pm BMW
3:30 pm - 4:45 pm AUDI/Volkswagen
Friday, May 13
Time Vehicles
1:00 pm - 2:15 pm Mercedes Benz
2:30 pm - 3:45 pm Jaguar / Land Rover
4:00 pm - 5:15 pm BMW
Las Vegas - Home of AT ShowPlace
It's all here: the exhibits, conference seminars, training, demonstrations, celebrations, plus a movie theater, bowling lanes, cabaret club, live Las Vegas shows, and great restaurants.

Show rate: Sunday night through Thursday night: $59, Friday night through Saturday night: $99 Per night Resort Fee is waved for AT ShowPlace attendees. Register online here.
Hotel Registration Follows Online Show Registration
Voted Best Paying Slots and Best Bingo 2014

South Point's gaming amenities include more than 2,563 of the most popular slot and video poker machines featuring ticket-in, ticket-out technology.
The casino pit features over 60 table games including 21, Craps, Roulette, Fortune Pai Gow Poker*, Baccarat, Ultimate Texas Hold 'em and Three Card Poker* with Progressive.
A freshly designed Race and Sports Book features over 300 seats with separate viewing areas for horse and sports action. The Del Mar Lounge provides the perfect place to grab a beverage and watch the action.
The bingo room has 600 seats and features Cash Ball and the Progressive Double Action Jackpot.
16 theaters are available for your viewing pleasure.
A premium viewing experience, picture, sound, & luxury seating.
You can also enjoy the "Classic Series" - Your favorite movies digitally restored.
•   XD Ticket Price - $13.50 for adults, $10.50 for seniors/Children
Prices are for South Point Hotel Theaters Tickets (they are not purchased through American Towman)
South Point Arena
Taking place at the South Point arena, adjacent to the exhibit hall, are recovery demonstrations, recovery training, and the American Towman Cup wrecker pageant. Luxury vehicle training takes place on the Arena Concourse level, as does the Centennial Celebration.
Bowling at the South Point 64-lane Bowling Center is state of the art, offering a main center aisle with 32 lanes of bowling on each side. Tables are equipped with touch screens so everyone can keep track of the game. A bar adjacent to the lanes allows a guest to enjoy a cold beverage without missing any of the action. There is also a full-service pro-shop, snack bar, locker rooms and an arcade. From the novice to the pro, everyone can enjoy the fun and excitement the South Point Bowling Center has to offer.
•   64-Lane Bowling Center
•   Snack Bar
•   Lounge
•   Pro Shop
•   League Meeting Rooms
•   Locker Area
The South Point features a variety of menu items and award winning restaurants for every price range and appetite. Restaurants in this new destination resort are designed to provide the foremost culinary experience to all diners.
click below for menu and availability for the resort's restaurants.
•   Michael's Gourmet Room
•   Silverado Steakhouse
•   Don Vito's Italian
•   Primarily Prime Rib
•   Baja Miguels Mexican
•   Coronado Cafe
•   Garden Buffet
•   Big Sur Oyster Bar
•   Steak 'n Shake
•   Zenshin
•   Del Mar Deli
Spa Costa del Sur is the place for you. With more than 40,000 square feet, 28 treatment rooms and a full-service salon, relaxation is our specialty. The Spa caters to both the busy traveler who rarely takes time out for themselves and the leisure traveler who is seeking pure indulgence.
Our spa is designed to pamper, relax and rejuvenate. We offer one of the most extensive spa menus in the city. Some of our most popular treatments include our signature Skin Ceuticals Big Cohune Facial and the Surf City Body Treatment and Massage.
At Spa Costa del Sur, we offer the most cutting-edge treatments for men, women, couples and teens, to the tried and true massages, facials and body treatments. We specialize in corrective and rehydrating treatments for the face, hands, feet and body, and offer 10 different scented massage lotions for guests to choose from.
American Towman Magazine
Exhibitors receive free in-depth editorial coverage of the show through the April Issue of American Towman Magazine. Advertising opportunities and circulation bonuses are available to all show exhibitors.
American Towman magazine is the towing and recovery industry's longest published (38 years) and largest circulated (38,000+ readers) monthly trade publication.
American Towman TV
With American Towman TV, suppliers can benefit from the endless boundaries of the Internet with this industry-exclusive television program that provides coverage with a bi-weekly program throughout the year. In addition to its regular programming, American Towman TV covers the show with special show related information on what is being shown on the show floor, special events and other exciting goings-on at the event. Check for details on what advertising opportunities are available.
Tow Industry Week
Online information and industry coverage is afforded exhibitors on the Tow Industry Week website that provides online coverage of the industry as well as features of interest year-round. All pre-show information leading up to the exposition and postshow coverage is right there at a click of the mouse.
Expo Info Program
Placed in the hands of every show visitor at registration, this important program provides event and seminar schedules, floor plan, and exhibitor list. This useful resource helps make traveling the show aisles a more organized experience.
Registration Counters
Sponsorship opportunity allows for the distribution of a promotional flyer and traffic builder at the registration counter area.
Badge Holder Inserts
Place your business card-size insert into every attendee's badge holder. It is a guarantee to draw traffic to your booth.
Place your name around every neck of the show's attendees with the Show Lanyard. Featuring your color logo on the lanyard strap, this promotional item is handed out to every registrant.
Registration Towers
Six headers (8" x 30" ea.) and six advertising panels (38" x 40" ea.), printed with your advertising messages and seen by all registrants in the registration area, give your company premium exposure.
Information Booth
A source of assistance to show attendees, the Expo Info Booth is located right in the registration lobby for easy access.
Expo Show Bags
Your name and advertising message appear on the oversized Official Show Bag available to all show attendees at registration area and several locations.
Food Court/Diner
One of the fun places to visit when attendees take a break from the busy show floor is the retro diner in the center of the Food Court. The eatery, resplendent with a black and white checkered floor, and emanating an old time 50s ambience is a great place to promote your corporate and product image.
Advertising Opportunities
Advertising opportunities are available in the registration area and hallway entrance leading to the South Point Hotel Pavilion & Arena.
Advertising billboards as well as select banner locations are available. Check with A.T. sales staff for specific details.