AT ShowPlace - Las Vegas Exhibits
Tow Industry Week offers multiple conferences, AT's legendary hospitality, special events, and the American Towman ShowPlace, featuring the industry's top suppliers. This year many activities and the Expo itself, will be inside one of Las Vegas' most unique exposition facilities: Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.

Co-sponsored by, towing's exclusive online weekly publication, and American Towman Magazine, the industry's leading monthly magazine, American Towman ShowPlace - Las Vegas will put you face to face with suppliers, educators, top trainers, and leading towing professionals from around the world.
Exhibit Hours:

Thursday, Sept. 22, 11 am-5 pm
Friday, Sept. 23, 12 noon-5 pm

Westgate Resort Hotel & Casino Events Center
Discover a True Las Vegas Resort and Casino

3000 Paradise Road, Las Vegas • AT ShowPlace Headquarters & site of all exhibits
Located adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center and just one block from the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, the Westgate Resort Hotel & Casino Events Center offers the finest amenities and spacious rooms. Enjoy the World's Largest Race & Sports Book, dine at the world-famous Benihana, and experience legendary performers like nowhere else. In addition, Westgate Resort Hotel & Casino Events Center features a Las Vegas Monorail stop onsite for easy access to the rest of the excitement on the Las Vegas Strip.

Exhibitor Reception - 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm - Garden Patio North - Westgate Events Center

Las Vegas Strip
Experience Las Vegas
Considered the most expensive 4 mile stretch in the world, the Las Vegas Strip which is the section of Las Vegas Blvd from Mandalay Bay to the The STRAT Hotel Casino and SkyPod, has some of the world's top hotels and attractions that are uniquely Las Vegas.

Equip yourself with a Vegas map because sightseeing along the Strip is like traveling the world on foot. From the pyramids of Giza (Luxor Hotel), to the Statue of Liberty (New York New York), to the Eiffel Tower in Paris (Paris Las Vegas), to the Colosseum of ancient Rome (Caesars Palace), to the canals of Venice (The Venetian), and everything else in between.
American Towman In-Depth Conferences
No one does educational conferences like American Towman. Get in on these in-depth Intelligence Briefings critical to a Commander In Chief of an emergency road service operation. Learn from industry leaders about crucial issues in managing a towing business.

CARTE BLANCHE PASSPORT:$150, advance registration; $225 after September 20th

Strategies for Building Your Future Tow Business 
Fact: All successful tow companies and their owners have one thing in-common; they all started from meager beginnings. Tow company success doesn’t happen overnight, yet, there’s a progression of considerations that help navigate a path to success and survival necessary to enduring an extremely competitive and cutthroat industry. Because there’s no single book or source specific to the tow and recovery industry, this seminar is directed at currently active businesses as well as start-up companies.
Randall Resch, American Towman. Friday, Sept. 23, 11 am

Maintaining a Clean Compliant VSF (Vehicle Storage Facility)
Your facility needs to be in compliance with stormwater and hazardous waste laws. With simple “good housekeeping” practices you can establish a Spill Prevention Containment and Cleanup Plan (SPCC).
Jim Figueira & Ed Grubbs, Environmental Chemical Solutions. Friday, Sept. 23, 10 am

The Tower as Incident Commander
A breakdown of the recovery work and road clearance of the Great Texas Pile-up, and the role the tower plays with incident command.
James Bennett Jr., Beard's Towing. Friday, Sept. 23, 10 am

Advances in Private Property Impounding
Replacing the manual checking of permits with LPR cameras (using the LP as the "sticker") and sharing information on any violations with both property managers and permit holders - including pictures.
Jim Shellhaas, Ranger. Thursday, Sept. 22, 9 am

Safe and Effective Car Carrier Operation
Car carriers have become the equipment of choice for many towing companies to provide damage free service for their customers with late model or high end vehicles. Car carrier operators must be properly trained and follow manufacturers recommended procedures to effectively utilize the equipment safely and effectively without causing damage. This seminar will cover equipment ratings, loading techniques, load distribution, securement techniques, and customer and operator safety.
Terry Abejuela, American Towman. Thursday, Sept. 22, 11 am

Risk Management and On-Scene Safety
The industry has lost focus on what techniques are advantageous to tow operator safety. For tow business owners, focusing on on-scene safety is far more important than learning how-to operate new wreckers, carriers and rotators. This seminar brings focus to best practices necessary for safety operations on all calls including industrial scenarios, driving operations, choosing the right tool for the job and complete on-scene awareness. Consider this a one-hour survival course for professional tow operators typically not covered in big box training.
Randall Resch, American Towman. Thursday, Sept. 22, 11 am

Ensuring Every Tow is Safe
As a tow truck operator, you have a responsibility to ensure every tow you perform is completed safely. Exceeding the towing equipment or cab & chassis ratings, no secondary attachment chains (safety chains), no tow extension lights, improper steering wheel securement and towing damages are still common issues in the light duty towing industry. This seminar will explore these elements of your tow to assist you in ensuring every tow is safe.
Terry Abejuela, American Towman. Friday, Sept. 23, 8 am

Energy Security Agency: Electric Vehicles - Challenges and Solutions for Tow and Recovery professionals
Tow and Recovery professionals are faced with the largest technology change in the last fifty years.  Electric Vehicles are taking over the roadways and first and second responders have been largely overlooked with education, training, and support. Come learn from the Global Experts on how to protect your agency, position yourselves as a market leader, and maximize profits.
Dalan Zartman, Energy Security Agency. Friday, Sept. 23, 9 am

Accident Remediation, Making Money and Getting Paid for Supplying Environmental Services
Making money and getting paid for supplying environmental services. Learn the issues and responsibilities relating to the required cleanup of the vehicle operating fluids released at a traffic collision. We discuss insurance liability, proper billing techniques, proper disposal and handling. We also address TSA’s, legislation and Billing Support.
Jim Figueira & Ed Grubbs, Environmental Chemical Solutions. Thursday, Sept. 22, 10 am

Finding Qualified Drivers & Mechanics in 2022
We all know that hiring new drivers and mechanics is becoming increasingly difficult. During this seminar, Daniel Ostrov and David Ostrov from Whiterail Recruits will detail how to find new employees faster, smarter and better—within weeks, not months!
Daniel Ostrov & David Ostrov, Whiterail Reviews. Friday, Sept. 23, 8 am

The Insider's Guide for Staying On Top of Google Searches
Understand powerful ways to lift your online rank throughout your service area in search, maps, reviews, ads, & social media.
Kevin McMillan, Lift Marketing Group. Thursday, Sept. 22, 10 am

Grow Your Towing Business Online
Learn strategies on how to improve your presence online from the team at OMG Tow Marketing.
Jared Fischgrund & Chris Blake, OMG Tow Marketing. Friday, Sept. 23, 9 am

Building Your Dream Team Presentation
Anything is possible with the right team. The Building Your Dream Team Presentation is interactive and will give you the skills needed to recruit the best and keep them effectively trained on an on-going basis. When you are ready to take your business to the next level, you will want top-quality employees working with you to help increase profits and efficiency.
David Saline, Drive. Thursday, Sept. 22 8 am

Putting a Handle on the Real Profit Center of your Business
It's about the importance of the dispatcher and how to maximize his impact on the company's potential.
John Borowski, AutoReturn. Thursday, Sept. 22 8 am

Don’t Kill your Golden Goose- Succession Strategies to Protect & Perpetuate Your Business
Learn the strategies and tools the nation's top firms use to save their clients millions of dollars each year.
Larry Oxenham, American Society for Asset Protection. Wednesday, September 21, 12 Noon

Workers Comp and Payroll trends in the Towing Industry
BBSI (Top 5 PEO company in USA) will be presenting a seminar on how to cope with the challenges facing towing owners, including increasing worker comp insurance, payroll solutions, and COVID related issues. They will also discuss how to create a safer workplace for your employees and lower your ex mod rate.
Roger F. Reedy & David McBride, BBSI. Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2 pm

Recovery Billing Course - 10 Hour Training
Presented by Bob & Eric Fouquette of Recovery Billing Unlimited.

Part I - Thursday, Sept. 22, 9 am - 2 am - 5 Hours classroom
Part II - Friday, Sept. 23, 9 am - 2 am - 5 Hours classroom
Incl. Carte Blanche Passport both days!

You do the work, you deserve to get paid. We teach you how!

Are you tired of hearing "Sorry, it's not covered!" resulting in you either not getting paid or settling for partial payment? You have employees, equipment, insurance and so many more expenses associated with running a successful towing and recovery business. We get it-- we have 40+ years of experience in the industry! Every time the trucks roll out of the garage YOU NEED TO GET PAID. We teach you the ins and outs of how to invoice properly, get paid on different types of insurances, navigate the legal babble and red tape in order to get you paid from insurance and private payers! Join our alumni network of 1000+ companies that have leveled up their towing business and get paid their worth!

We teach:
-Building the proper business foundation
-Proper way of writing invoices
-Communicating with insurance/private payers
-Keeping the paper trail
-Obtaining payment for proper billing
-How to make accident scene clean up profitable not an expense
-Different avenues to get paid
-How and when to submit claims under collision, property damage liability, home owners insurance, etc!
-Laws that will help you get paid
-Lawyer and insurance executive guest speaker

Amount $2,500 per person
Must be accepted by Recovery Billing.

Recovery Business Success
A special three-hour course geared towards the business end of recovery. Three crucial steps for recovery business success will be covered: Documenting the Recovery; Billing the Recovery; and Collecting on the Recovery Invoice. John Borowski, Auto Return, Ron Myers, Pine Tree Towing.

Independent Course - $250; OR $350 after 9/19/22
Saturday, Sept. 23, 9 am - 12 noon

Training & Hands-On Education
The nation's top trainers are ready and eager to teach YOU how to be the best tower you can be. This year, we are offering Light- and Heavy-Duty training, from ERSCA and WreckMaster, respectively.

WreckMaster Rotator Training
Industry's Premier Rotator Training with WreckMaster Instructors

$795 – ($895 after Sept 20th);

Wednesday, Sept 21, 8 am - 5 pm (includes lunch);
Part I: 8-hours of Classroom Training with WreckMaster Instructor

Thursday, Sept 22, 8 am - 5 pm (includes lunch);
Part II: 8-hours of Hands-On Training; Location: North Parking Lot
Fee also includes Carte Blanche Passport

WreckMaster instructors conduct a special 12-hour training course on rotator recovery; classroom and outdoor hands-on.

• Introduction of Lead Instructor, assistances and students
• Set Course goals and objectives
• Overview of WreckMaster program

• Positioning the truck
• Leveling the truck
• Recommended distances- Utilities Overhead & Underground
• Recommended cribbing
• Safety in General
• Calculating Out-rigger Loads

• Determining the weight
• Shock Loads
• Cause and effect of tipping
• Determining the COG “Center of Gravity”

• Calculating “Load Capacity”
• Calculating “Boom Top Load”

• General overview
• Wire Rope, Synthetic & Chain Bridles
• Calculating Bridle Leg Lengths
• Calculating Bridle Leg Loads
• Selecting the Correct Rigging for the job

• PPE “Personal Proction Equipment”
• Operator Training
• Rigging Training
• Site Supervisor Training

ERSCA Quick Clearance
Advanced Carrier & Wrecker Training (8HR)
Instructor Shane Coleman

Registration fees: $495 non-member of CTTA; $395 for CTTA member
Wednesday 9/21, 8 am -12 Noon, 1 pm - 5 pm
Fee: $395 Includes Lunch 

The use of light-duty carriers and wreckers in highway, quick clearance. Loading damaged vehicles, repositioning to clear lanes, and rigging for recovery, are some of the primary tasks trained in this course. A trained operator can handle a myriad of tasks; but careless use and improper operator techniques can lead to potential injury, fatality and extensive damage to the wrecker or carrier itself.

This, “reality base training”, invites you to acquire fundamental skills, techniques and considerations necessary to avoid tragedy while working in the best interests of Quick Clear Programs and on-going work-place safety. 

The course brings a solid focus to light-duty wreckers and carrier specific operations to include discussion regarding on-scene safety and survival practices.
The modules of discussion are:
• Roadside and Operator Safety
• Working Off the White Line
• Initiating an Advanced Warning Area
• Can Carrier’s be used for Quick Clear?
• Minimizing lane closures, time of lane closures and distractions to motorists
• Equipment Placement
• Responding to incidents quickly but safely
• Developing Quick Clearance Best Practices

Allstate Safety and Information Series
Allstate Roadside will present informational sessions led by industry experts. During exposition hours, attendees will have the opportunity to expand their industry knowledge and skills by attending presentations on topics including growing your business, becoming a “Next Level Operator,” technical updates from General Motors and Ferrari, and electric vehicle best practices.

AT ShowPlace Events
American Towman Expositions are more than just tow shows; our Legendary Hospitality puts us a cut above the rest! Prepare for our networking opportunities, parties, and more.

Welcome Reception
The AT ShowPlace Welcome Reception will be bigger and better than ever! Attendees will be able to sit back and relax and enjoy a variety of premium meats. A perfect way to relax after traveling. Meet up with old friends and make some new ones as we get ready to enjoy the best tow show in the West.

Westgate Events Center, Thursday, 5 pm - 7 pm.

VIP Desert Smoker
Named for veteran training director for the CTTA dubbed the "Godfather of Towing".

Add the VIP Smoker Package to your Registration!

Westgate Events Center, Thursday, 7 pm - 9 pm.

ACE Awards
Tow companies nominated by motor clubs and call providers for being in the top 1% of towing operations for service excellence, reliability and professionalism, qualify for the prestigious Towman ACE award. Recipients are presented with the exclusive ACE Buckle Award, a certificate and are provided a press release to share with their local paper.

Westgate Events Center, Friday, 2 pm - 3 pm.

Sponsored by:

Pie Pallooza
At 3 pm, Friday, Pie Palooza features your favorites!

Westgate Event Center

Winners Circle
Join us for our wrap-up hospitality event, where we will crown the winners of the American Towman Cup in the Winners Circle!

Westgate Events Center

CTTA Annual Convention
CTTA Foundation Awards Dinner

The California Tow Truck Association holds its Annual Convention as a part of Tow Industry Week and the American Towman ShowPlace - Las Vegas.

All towers are welcome. You do not need to be a CTTA member to attend.

Ballroom A – Westgate Events Center
Friday, Sept. 23, 6 pm - 9:30 pm

The American Towman Cup
World-Class Wreckers Compete for the vaunted Towman Cup

The towing industry's most amazing wreckers from the West compete for the American Towman Cup. Pageant contestants vie for the Cup in several weight classes.

Categories Include: light duty (pre-2020), Light duty (2020-2021), medium duty, Vintage (41+ years), service/support truck, HD Single Axle, HD Tandem, Rotator, Carrier. A towing company may enter one truck per class and up to four trucks.

Voting for Best of Show takes place on show floor.

Whether you compete in the Pageant or take it all in and vote on your choice picks, the spectacle of the world's finest wreckers at the American Towman Cup is a great experience.

Outdoor Venue – Adjacent Paradise Event Center
11 am - 5 pm
Attendee Services
Westgate Resort Hotel
Single and double rates are $95 Monday through Wednesday, $142 Thursday & Friday. Each additional adult above 2 in the guestroom will incur an additional charge of $20 per person. If rooms are reserved through our hotel room block, the resort fee is waived.

Other amenities are: wireless internet for 3 devices, cardio room, in-room safe, courtesy bus to las vegas strip & downtown, complimentary parking and local and toll-free domestic (800) calls.

3000 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109

American Towman legion
As an attendee you earn a merit-based membership in the American Towman Legion, no fees or strings attached.

Travel Discounts
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You can reserve your hotel following registration when available.
For show information please contact: 800-732-3869
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